Most sustainable project in Europe

Energy and Green label

In terms of energy supply, the Nieuw Leven group accommodation is completely sustainable. A unique project in Europe as well as a first on this scale in our sector: no gas connection and no external power connection! Moreover, we can achieve water savings of no less than 75%!

In addition to the installations that are already common, such as solar panels and collectors, we have partnerships with the following manufacturers of revolutionary developments in the field of sustainable energy.

-ÖkoFEN (manufacturer of the first pallet boiler in the world that generates electricity) to achieve the most efficient energy supply. The emissions of this stove are almost nil. The stove provides heating and hot water for the buildings on the site and also supplies electricity.

-Nilar and Indutecc (manufacturers of energy storage and solar panels) to store the sustainably generated energy.

-Upfall (Dutch manufacturer and inventor of the recirculation shower) to reduce the water and energy consumption of shower water by 80 - 90%. This shower is present next to an "ordinary, conventional" hand shower.

Bringing these developments together has led to a system in which off-grid functioning can be technically realised. Consequently, Nieuw Leven is an example for the Netherlands and abroad. The Texel installation company IBS - Oele - Schoo was responsible for the total installation and the facilities.

Gold Green-Key certification for the buildings and business operations

For the construction and operation we are proudly certified by Green-Key (gold). The international accreditation recognises the aim of generating a minimal environmental impact and promoting local employment. We would like to extend this to our guests and also request their cooperation through, for example, waste separation.

95% of the construction and installation was carried out by Texel companies.

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