Care services

Not everyone can go on holiday without care services. Do you require care or extra support? You are always welcome with us!

For those who need extra support, nursing and care, Nieuw Leven Texel has a partnership with the Omring home care organization. This way you can count on the care you receive at home.

Accessible accommodations

All our accommodations are accessible to the disabled. The ground floor is designed to allow you to move freely indoors. All doors are extra wide and the spacious bedroom on the ground floor is equipped with generous bathroom facilities, suitable for a wheelchair.

The kitchen is very accessible and a part of the counter is lowered. There are of course no thresholds on the entire bottom floor. Do you have any special wishes, specific care questions or need adjustments? We offer you all kinds of solutions and will work with you to meet your needs. Some of our options include:


If you are dependent on care, then there is much more to organise for a holiday. For those who need extra guidance, nursing and care, we have a partnership with the Omring home care organization.

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Business arrangements

A teambuilding outing? Coaching for your employees? Meeting with the team without distraction from the workplace around you? It is possible! We love to help organize your company outing down to the last detail. Also possible for business trips.

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About us

Nieuw Leven is a real family business that has welcomed groups overnight since 1965. Recently (spring 2018) the group villas are completely renovated, focusing on sustainability, customised service, peace, space and nature.

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