Nieuw Leven group accommodation

Nieuw Leven is a group accommodation on Texel which is recently (2018) completely renovated. The accommodation consists of three luxury family, each with twelve beds. These accommodations for 12 guests can be booked seperatly, but also as a full group accommodation for 36 guests (more in consultation).

Customised care

A worry-free holiday is not a given for everyone. Nieuw Leven Texel offers professional care at your holiday home, tailored to your needs and wishes. We work with the Omring home care organization and do everything possible to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

About us

Nieuw Leven Texel is a dynamic family company with the aim of contributing to quality of life. We distinguish ourselves by offering a personal and demand-oriented stay as well as maintaining respect for nature and the environment – and we hope to inspire our guests in the process. Did you know that our villas are completely energy self-sufficient?

On and around the property

On site you can enjoy a rural and tranquil setting with unparalleled views over the Texel landscape. There is a beautiful hiking area and a lovely, ecological swimming pond. All this is also very central on the island, near Den Burg.

  • 2 to 36 people
  • Ideal for families and groups
  • Wheelchair-friendly with the kind of care you are used to at home
  • Beautiful ecological swimming pond
  • Large hiking area
  • Centrally located, near Den Burg
  • Most sustainable location in Europe

Our accommodations

Luxury villas for 12, 24 or 36 people

Our spacious group accommodation consists of three luxury 12-person villas, which can be rented separately or as a group accommodation. All villas feature a country kitchen, a spacious living room, large garden and 6 bedrooms with private bathroom.

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On and around the property

From the Nieuw Leven grounds you have unmatched views of the Texel landscape. It is the perfect place to enjoy the nature, tranquillity and space of the island.

Various amenities are located on site. For example, have a stroll in the walking garden, enjoy our ecological swimming pond and there is playground equipment available. Let us surprise you.


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Customised packages

Super luxury villas, lovely grounds and breathtaking views. We want to make your holiday on Texel as relaxing as possible. We are focused on your needs and do everything we can to make your holiday complete.

Do you want a real carefree holiday? Then choose one of our complete, luxurious packages.

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If you are dependent on care, then there is much more to organise for a holiday. For those who need extra guidance, nursing and care, we have a partnership with the Omring home care organization.

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A holiday means relaxing and enjoying your time. Our luxury group and family villas on the beautiful island of Texel are the ultimate location for this, but with several extras we try to boost that holiday feeling.

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About us

Nieuw Leven is a real family business that has welcomed groups overnight since 1965. Recently (spring 2018) the group villas are completely renovated, focusing on sustainability, customised service, peace, space and nature.

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