Dialyse on Texel

For dialysis patients, a holiday is not always easy, but fortunately it is possible. Texel has a special holiday dialysis centre, which gives you the opportunity to stay with us at Nieuw Leven.

The Medical Center Alkmaar (MCA) gives dialysis patients the opportunity to come to Texel. For a dialysis patient, a holiday dialysis centre has been set up in Oosterend where Fresenius Medical Care equipment is used.


Your dialysis treatment is done under the supervision of dialysis nurses from the MCA. Ultimate responsibility lies with the nephrologists from this hospital and, during the treatments, they are always accessible.

The centre focuses on hemodialysis treatment for patients living on Texel and dialysis patients who enjoy spending their holidays here. The MCA also offers support for peritoneal dialysis patients.

The centre is open throughout the year (high season 6 days, low season 3 days, etc.) and features the most modern facilities. For more information, please contact the MCA dialysis department at tel. 072 548 28 55 or visit the MCA website.

t Hof 20
1794 AZ Oosterend 

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If you are dependent on care, then there is much more to organise for a holiday. For those who need extra guidance, nursing and care, we have a partnership with the Omring home care organization.

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A holiday means relaxing and enjoying your time. Our luxury group and family villas on the beautiful island of Texel are the ultimate location for this, but with several extras we try to boost that holiday feeling.

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About us

Nieuw Leven is a real family business that has welcomed groups overnight since 1965. Recently (spring 2018) the group villas are completely renovated, focusing on sustainability, customised service, peace, space and nature.

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